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Thermal Barrier Coating & Mold Binder System

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What is thermal barrier coating?

Definition and components of TBC

Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) thermal insulator of substrate
Why TBC?
  • Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) perform the important function of insulating components, such as industrial gas turbine and aero-derivative engine parts, operating at elevated temperature.
  • Turbine efficiency can be increased by allowing the TBC to increase its operating temperature.
Construction of TBC
  • Substrate : Ni- or Co-based Superalloy
  • Bond Coat : Oxidation resistance metallic layer, MCrAlY,
  • Thermally grown oxide(TGO) : Oxide layer between top and bond layer
  • Top coat : Thermal insulative ceramic layer

Materials for TBC

Limitation of the conventional YSZ-TBC material
Candidated new TBC composition & structures
Tetragonal (6-8 wt% YSZ; 12 wt% YbSZ; YbGd-YSZ; YbGdTiTa-YSZ; YbSm Stabilized Zirconia; ZrO2-HfO2-YbO1.5-TiO2-TaO2.5; YTaO4- ZrO2)
Cubic yttria, gadolinia, ytterbia stabilized ZrO2; d2O3/ZrO2
Pryrochlores (e.g. La2Zr2O7, Gd2Zr2O7, Nd2Zr2O7, Sm2Zr2O7, Gd2Hf2O7)
Perovskite structure e.g. SrZrO3, CaZrO3, LaAlO3 BNT{ BaNd2Ti3O10 }; BaCeO3 or SrCeO3)
Rhombohedral e.g. SrZrO3, CaZrO3, LaAlO3 BNT{ BaNd2Ti3O10 }; BaCeO3 or SrCeO3)
Hexagonal e.g Yb3Zr2O12,Lu3Zr2O12 or Er3Zr2O12, Yb3Hf2O12
Spinels (BaY2O4 or SrY2O4)

Process for TBC

Microstructural improvement
Multi-layered structures

Evaluation of TBC

Thermal durability & Chemical stability Test
  • Thermal fatigue fest

  • Thermal shock test

  • Flame thermal fatigue test

  • Hot corrosion test

Establishment an advanced evaluation system

[Advanced evaluation systems: JETS test]

[Thermally graded mechanical fatigue, TGMF test]