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Glass-like thermal conductivity in mass-disordered high-entropy (Y, Yb)2(Ti, Zr, Hf)2O7 for thermal barrier material
Materials & Design
Dowon Song, Taeseup Song, UngyuPaik, Guanlin Lyu, Yeon-Gil Jung, Hak-Beom Jeon, Yoon-Suk Oh
Glass-like Thermal Conductivity in Mass-Disordered High-entropy Y, Yb2Ti, Zr, Hf2O7 for Thermal Barrier Material.pdf (1.6M) 4회 다운로드 DATE : 2021-11-29 14:22:15
An entropy-stabilization strategy was applied to engineer a novel thermal insulating material by establishing a single-phase solid solution with the formula of (Y1/2Yb1/2)2(Ti1/3Zr1/3Hf1/3)2O7 (YYHEO). Structural analysis revealed that this material exceeded the typical substitutional solubility limit, even with a significant atomic size difference, where the conventional determination rule was defied. YYHEO exhibited a lower glass-like thermal conductivity due to its highly disordered crystal structure and the specific design strategy. The coefficient of thermal expansion and mechanical properties (e.g. elastic modulus and hardness) were comparable to conventional materials, suggesting that YYHEO is a promising candidate for application as a new thermal insulating material.