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Studies on Damage Properties of MgO-C Refractories through Hertzian Indentation at Room and High Temperatures
Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society
Geun-Ho Cho, Yunki Byeun, Yeon-Gil Jung, Geun-Ho Cho, Yunki Byeun, Yeon-Gil Jung
Studies on Damage Properties of MgO-C Refractories through Hertzian.pdf (2.2M) 2회 다운로드 DATE : 2023-11-06 14:24:17
MgO-C refractories are used in basic furnaces and steel ladles due to their many desirable properties, such as excellent thermal shock resistance via low thermal expansion, and high thermal conductivity. However, the mechanical and thermal properties of the refractory continuously deteriorate by spalling phenomena and pore generation due to the oxidation of graphite, used as a carbon source, indicating that the characteristics and performance of MgO-C refractories need to be improved by using a new material or composition. In this study, the use of a Hertzian indentation test as a method for determining the damage and fracture behavior of an MgO-C refractory is described. The results highlight that Hertzain indentation tests can be one of the important evaluation tools for quasi-plastic damage accumulation of MgO-C refractories during falling process of scrap metal.